Bitumen kleefband

Tough, dimensionally stable, woven polyolefin fabric backing, laminated to a thick layer of polymer modified bitumen pressure sensitive adhesive. While securing pneumatic tubes to the road with bitumen tape is not a mandatory step in the installation of mobile monitoring systems, it is highly advised to do so. This 20m role of bitumen tape is ideal for . Voor het afdichten van lekkages op daken, scheepsluiken en andere mogelijkheden.

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Bitumen hessian cable wrapping tape. TDS – Denso Primer D. Brush or spray applied bitumen based primer for application to clean metal before applying Densopol (Rockrap) Tape and Ultraflex Tapes as primary wrapping. Seals and repairs leaky, galvanised roof sheeting, holes and overlaps, and more. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS.

Mapetape is a sealing tape comprising polymer based bitumen and laminated to a thin strip of pre-painted metal reinforced with a layer of polyester (aluminium or lead colour) or with a film of natural copper (bright copper colour). The self-adhesive side is protected with a . For offshore pipelines which are concrete coate it is necessary to use a field joint mastic applied over the pipeline tape and in order to profile the concrete weight coating so that it will pass easily over the lay barge stinger.

The field joint mastic, which comprises a mixture of bitumen and limestone filler, is supplied in slabs . Securing Built-Up Roofing Roof fastening machines are rayon cord tape wide which holds large staples at specified intervals. A machine simply rolls tape over the edges and centers of the felts, securing the felts to the deck with . Roll tape with roller. Attach per steps and 9. Specify taping the joints of the plywood sheathing with roof tape (i.e., self- adhering modified bitumen ). Specify that the tape be a minimum of inches wide, applied to a broom-clean deck, and rolled with a roller. Seal around deck penetrations with roof tape , sealant, or asphalt roof cement. Apply a single layer of ASTM D . The asymmetric position of the glass fabric ensures a sufficient thickness of the modified bituminous mass on the pipe surface to be coated.

The bituminous tape is absolutely suitable for the site applied coating of weld seams of steel pipes, that are factory coated with PE, EP or bitumen. Ideally suited for sealing joints in asphalt and concrete roads and culverts, as well as assisting in the control of . TAPE BITUMEN 50MM X 15M. Hot-applied corrosion protection tape.

Operating temperaur °C. Self-adhesive bitumen tape with a triangular profile – ideal for forming the fillet under bitumen waterproofing sheets at corner connections or raised edges. Op zoek naar Tesa Kleefband ?

Ontdek het assortiment van Tesa Kleefband bij Hubo. The tapes can be applied by hand or machine to weld joints, bends, bare pipe lengths and pipe fittings.