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Обзор Brush Pen Ecoline. Акварельные маркеры Ecoline с наконечником-кистью от ROYAL TALENS это удивительная новинка на рынке художественных товаров. Отлично подходят для создания иллюстраций, для проработки дизайна, каллиграфии и конечно же классической живописи.

Маркеры сочетают в себе высочайшее. Небольшой обзор акварельных маркеров от Ecoline.

High-quality products for designers, graphic artists and illustrators. Gouache Extra Fine Quality, Ecoline liquid water colour and drawing ink. Made from concentrated dyes in a liquid watercolor base, Ecoline Brush Pen Markers are easy to apply, mix cleanly, and adhere well to many surfaces.

The brush nib covers large areas or draws fine details. Shares a harmonious color range with Ecoline Liquid Watercolors. Filled with vibrant, wet-flowing liquid watercolors, Ecoline brush pens are perfect for art, illustrations, and coloring.

The watercolor ink remains soluble after drying, so you can keep working and blending it after it dries.

Their nibs are also reversible, letting you switch to a fresh tip if the original becomes frayed or worn out. Handig voor onderweg en ideaal als je op een plek werkt die schoon moet blijven. De brushpen is klaar voor gebruik en ook nog geurloos. In stock now for fast UK and worldwide shipping.

Je gebruikt de Brush Pen voor dunne precieze lijnen of voor energieke streken, maar ook voor het vullen van gro. See more ideas about Brush pen , Brush lettering and Hand lettering. Talens Ecoline Stuks. They dispense Ecoline paint, a vibrant and re-wettable watercolour which can be used on paper, boar or surfaces which have been prepared with watercolour ground.

Because the inks are not highly lightfast, these pens are most useful for . Brush Pen Ecoline świetnie sprawdza się do ekspresyjnego kolorowania zarówno dużych powierzchni jak i precyzyjnych detali. Doskonały w podróży i szybkich szkiców. Najciekawsze efekty można uzyskać na . Today I will like to share with you more about the Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Brush Pen Set. There are liquid watercolor brush – pens of different colors in this set. The pen caps do not come with clips).

These beautiful pens produce transparent colour thanks to the high concentration of colour in the ink.

Ecoline Brush Pens single colours come in vivid transparent colours or you can buy Ecoline Brush Pen Sets in. This Set is perfect for artistic impressions, illustrations, product design, fashion design, digital art, calligraphy or drawings. Can be used with or . Do you enjoy watercolour effects?

Ecoline drawing ink, which provides good adhesion to watercolour and drawing paper and boar is now at your fingertips with these brush pens. They allow you to draw with great precision and apply colour to any large surface. Simply insert Ecoline brilliant drawing ink colours into the . Pisaki Ecoline Brush Pen oferuje Sklep Plastyczny.

Artykuły dla plastyków i hobbystów oraz profesjonalne zaopatrzenie dla artystów malarzy, grafików i rzeźbiarzy. Ecoline Brushpen , Ecoline Watercolour Marker, Brush Tip Marker, Water Brush Pen, Liquid watercolour, Ecoline Set. Art to art, fast and Free Shipping.

ECOLINE Brush Pens sind flüssige Wasserfarbe Stift in transluzenten Farben erhältlich.