Cp1 pallet dimensions

Part, Units, Length, Larg. Die (4), 13 8 80. Our Euro pallets are available in first or second grade. We can supply medium weight or lightweight non- stamped Euro pallets dependent on what you need.

Dynamic bearing load.

High rack bearing load 0kg. CP pallets are intended for chemical industry. They belong to pallet exchange system, can be repaired as well. CP standards describe wood quality, measurements , marking and repairing. There are markings on.

Weight of pallets : kg. Although pallets of this type are intended for chemical industry, they can be used for other purposes, as well. Use of pallets in the various types of industries most frequently used to transport cardboard boxes, bags, flexible containers for bulk material.

For this type of pallets , we offer the option of drying and heat treatment IPPC. Today chemical pallets are used in a wide variety of industries. The difference between diagonals . Pallets shall be square.

The chemical industry has standardised the pallets it uses into nine different types. In the chemical pallet (CP) system, standardised CPs are included in the sales price of goods. Recipients of goods can either reuse the pallet. Loads, please ask for . Il CP-pallet vengono usati principalmente per sacchi e scatole.

Come il CPe il CPla principale differenza è il bordo inferiore. Il CPè adatto per carichi leggeri. Il CPè adatto per carichi più pesanti e che richiedono una sovrapposizione di vari colli su pallet CP1. I nostri pallet sono forniti in tutta Italia.

They are manufactured in nine variations which differ in size , material, and load capacity. Chemical Industry Association. PDF 148kb) PDF 15m Quarter pallet specification 4x 600.

PDF 111kb) PDF 18d The steel Europallet. Alle chemie pallets direct uit voorraad tegen de laagste prijzen in de markt. Перейти к разделу Specification – The EUR- pallet must use at least nails of a specific type that are subject to a prescribed nailing pattern. Only dry wood may be use to reduce the risk of mold.

Each EUR- pallet bears a number of quality marks: On the left corner leg the EPAL logo . Información sobre los distintos tipos de palets. NATIONAL WOODEN PALLET AND CONTAINER ASSOCIATION. The following is the roster of the Committee at the time of approval of this version.

Gunilla Beyer, Swedish Forest Industries Federation. James Bisha, Ongweoweh .