Crane valves

Lined ball, butterfly, plug and check valves , and lined accessories. The Company is focussed on operational excellence, product innovation and exceptional customer service. D1Ball Valve Details. Click for more information.

XU Check Valve Details. The expertise our company can draw from relating to correct .

We represent the top manufacturers in a variety of industries. Merchandising systems (vending machines). Gate Valves are straight-through pattern valves whose closure element is a wedge or parallel-sided slab, situated between two fixed seating surfaces.

Closure element moves in or out of flow stream in a perpendicular direction to pipeline axis. For more than 1years, Hattersley has manufactured a range of valves for the Building Services industry, and is developing a range of next generation balancing solutions. We manufacture and sell safety and pressure relief valves and control valves.

Suitable for a wide variety of fluids including steam, hot water and air. There is also a range of commissioning valves for static and variable flow management systems providing the ultimate in accuracy and reliability.

Crane Cast Iron Valves. In addition, there is a range of . Download free BIM objects for valves and . Join LinkedIn today for free. Class 1RS-Threaded. Profiles of Leading Valve Manufacturers company has facilities at Ipswich, UK, and China. Flowseal High Performance Butterfly Valves.

Shop with confidence on eBay! These rugged valves can come with threade soldered or socket weld ends and and piece body configurations. The valve is available in the sizes, pressure classes and configurations required to meet the most demanding of applications. THE NEW DIGITAL EPIC-DELIVERS INTELLIGENT SAFETY VALVE CONTROL.

With advanced diagnostic functions to ensure effective maintenance of your SIL up to level this is technology you can rely on. The combination of valves make the cranes easier to use and safer as the high precision movements reduce the risk of operator or load damage. Safety valve on the main cylinder (SDV Smooth Descent Valve ) and rotation valve avoid uncontrolled . Iron Body Gate Valves – Descriptions and Features on Page 9. Vierk National Supply. Tilting Disc Check Valves.

Gate valves serve as efficient stop valves with flow in either direction.

They are commonly used where . American Society of Testing and Materials. RATED WORKING PRESSURES.