Euro pool group

We share the benefits of returnable packing. With a European network of around service centres in countries and service provision in countries we ensure optimal reliability, flexibility, sustainability and efficiency in the entire chain. We are market leader in the field of reusable packaging in the European fresh supply chain. Our reusable trays are the standard in the chain for fresh and packaged foods.

A success that we share with all the parties in the chain.

Each and every day producers, transporters, processing companies and retailers benefit from the advantages of . We cherish our corporate values, by which we encourage team spirit, personal growth, respect, entrepreneurship and innovation. In order to create a uniform look, the company states, websites of the two divisions also have had makeovers. Considerable information flows are generated by pallet pooling and these are often very complex.

Op basis van diepte-interviews met deze stakeholders en onze kennis van het vel ondersteunen we EPG bij het identificeren van de meest relevante . With customers in countries and over 1service centres, millions of trays and pallets circulate through the chain, . Cette organisation oriente sa réflexion et ses actions en faveur du respect des droits de. Gisteren reikten de founding fathers van het initiatief, Bartolomé Saro en Juan Pablo .

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Launch of standard tray. Introduction of leading edge green foldable tray. Expanding geographic presence. There is only one process in the Source group which coordinates the actions of the processes in the Pool groups during the Sort and Join phases and gathers the information on data distribution.

Onze divisies zijn hun tijd ver vooruit, niet alleen op het gebied van samenwerking, gemak en efficiency, maar ook als het gaat om duurzaamheid en CO2-reductie. It serves producers, distributors and leading retailers from state-of-the-art service centres and headquarters in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. Group servicing the . Gemeinsames Schwitzen lautete das Motto.