Gilmour foam gun

Pour it into the jug . Bought this to an alternative of a pressure washer and foam cannon. It worked really well and speeded up on the process of washing the car and makes for ease using the two wash bucket system thus giving my cars less swirls to remove upon detailing. For people worried about the lead content in the nozzle, I wear gloves . Car wash foam is the professional’s secret to reducing swirls and scratches at every car wash.

Gilmour Foamaster II Foam Wash Gun Kit delivers the finest cleaning bubbles and tons of superior pre-soak foam. I bought the gun off Amazon for around $and as usual free shipping. Not all cleaning tasks are created equal.

Gilmour nozzles take your spray from powerful jet to gentle rinse and everything in between. The hope is that this . Select the right cleaning nozzle for you. Helps minimize the addition of new imperfections by softening and separating contaminants before using your mitt.

Pre-soak your car with a layer of sudsy shampoo instead of using your mitt on dry paint.

Taking multiple trips to the wash buckets wastes time when washing a vehicle. Use the Foamaster II to . From what I understood I should just fill the bottle up with my car wash soap of choice and the gun itself would auto-mix it based on the setting I put it on. I was very surprised to find that I had no suds at all!

I have a Gilmour foam gun coming any day and I intended to use my CGs Clear shampoo, which is said to be very good in cannons and foam guns. I also have read that DP makes a special shampoo just for this purpose and is highly regarded (I think it is called Extreme Foam). A favorite two bucket . I got my new Gilmour Foam Master gun in the mail today. It is not the version II, with the black knob, but the older version with the brass valve (model 75QGFMR). If the NY weather is good this weeken I may give it a shot.

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Garden Sprayer Washer Cleaning Snow Foam Cannon Car Wash Gun Hose Spraying Kit -Garden Sprayer Washer Cleaning Snow Foam Cannon Car Wash Gun Hose Spraying Kit. Last oneFree shipping. This Foammaster foam cleaning gun from Gilmour accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals for cleaning, degreasing, or disinfecting and has an easy to fill wide mouth to avoid spills when filling.