H2o x5 ervaringen

This infomercial mop was among the top performers in our test, tackling tough, stuck-on stains with ease — and without leaving much water behind on the floor. It also put out plenty of steam, which, coupled with a small . Danoz H2O Mop Xin Steam Mops. The H2O Steam Mop uses water only to kill germs and clean floors.

Which surfaces does it tackle best?

Ik heb al een hele tijd de HMop X5. Ik vind hem geweldig en ontdek steeds meer mogenlijkheden. Ik las in een review dat men vond dat de doeken erg vuil werden, maar dat is in het begin omdat alles nog vuil was. I think i love the sucker.

Did the kitchen floor with it and it felt so clean. Changed the setting to hardwood and cleaned the hardwood. It actually felt clean on barefeet.

Since I ordered online I got the portable steamer free.

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. To read more, go to our full Thane HXreview. Heavier than the HX(kg), with a larger water tank.

It has a built-in limescale . We put this steam cleaner through its paces cleaning everyday spills and shifting tough grime as a handheld steam cleaner. Bought the Thane HXmop yesterday. Followed the instructions for set up, only to find that the mop did not work.

No steam was being produced. Tried the troubleshooting suggestions in the back of the booklet and nothing worked. Looked online for help and again found . Was this review helpful? Thoroughly clean a variety of surfaces in your home with the H2O XSteam Mop (119).

The shape of the floor steamer head allows it to easily navigate around corners and furniture. It comes in handy for wood and tile floors and also converts to a handheld unit for cleaning sinks, grills and other surfaces. De H2OXis de enige 5-in-stoomreiniger, die elk oppervlak in huis reinigt en ontsmet.

De slanke H2O XSteam Mop is eenvoudig in gebruik, licht in gewicht, wendbaar en voorzien van. H2O Mop Xis advertised as a 5-in-steam cleaning mop which can be seen in infomercials.

Read our H2O Mop Xreview from editors and readers. Keep the floors and surfaces in your household clean and hygienic with the green HXSteam Mop. Clean with steam Utilising the power of steam, the XSteam Mop is a powerful and versatile tool that. Great as a floor mop, cleaning grout, handheld bit needs more practice. Yet to try steaming clothes.

I was in testing mode from months.