Koi pro 100

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Spare Blower for EB and UB Bead . A preventive treatment is intended to prevent infection, and assist in natural therapeutic recovery from disease infection.

A number of very dangerous pathogenic strains of bacteria like Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, E. Koi Pro 1Air Pump. Ik wil zo een nieuwe luchtpomp halen maar welke kan ik beter nemen de koipro hi blow of 1? Graag jullie advies en of meening(hopelijk op tijd) Dan zal ik straks laten weten wat het is . Order the Koipro Airblow of 1online for the lowest price at nikoi. Zelfs op een diepte van meter onder water levert deze pomp nog een goede hoeveelheid lucht. Also comes with a spare diaphram.

Standard size spigot.

PRO – 1is used as a preventative. The multiplying colonies of beneficial bacteria can out-compete harmful. A high outpupt air pump. The pipe froma nexus will also connect directly to this pump.

It is also well suited for connection to breeding. In its category it will easily outperforms conventional air pumps. Mpa Puissance: 88Watts . Bekijk het grootste assortiment tuin-artikelen o. Für weitere Informationen, Impressum, AGB und Widerrufsrecht klicken Sie bitte auf den Verkäufernamen. Pro – 1is an effective preventive treatment that does not involve. A number of dangerous pathogenic strains of bacteria like Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Ecoli etc.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Product Name : Pro – 1( litre )(Out Of Stock). Description, Prevention is better than cure. Seleted community of beneficial microorganisms for preventive probiotic treatment of ponds.

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