Superior strain relief ensures that the cables cannot slip out or be pulled out of the connector. UNI Dicht and blueglobe are two series with a proven record in many applications with their large-area, spherical seal achieved . Select one of the categories brochures, catalogues, reports and press information to receive the appropriate material. Here you find additional information available for download. It is also ideal for use where the available installation space is scarce.

It is therefore the practical alternative in these situations.

With greater sheet thickness and creased side walls, PIK retains its shape under load very well. Available to choose between open or closed trunking and ready-to-install component assemblies. Are you committed to quality, a 1 supplier service and compliance with works standards? Show us what you can do. Become part of the our network!

PFLITSCH cable trunking for individualised cable routeing. Then enter the required parameters and data here. Accessories and tools are also available for searching.

Do you have any questions for our technical or sales staff? This product allows preassembled cable to be fed through a hole or the replacement of old or defective cable glands , without having to interfere with the existing cable installation or switch off the . Plan your visit to the trade fair and coordinate your appointments. Широкий выбор установочных материалов. Заказ и оплата онлайн, доставка.

Products – Next-day delivery! With an almost inexhaustible range of inserts one gland can allow entry for many cables, from a standard range of three 1mm cables . KG and find where you can buy it. Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote. More than 0users from diffe- rent branches of industry make use of our cable glands and cable duct systems today.

KG now available in the EPLAN Data Portal. True to the slogan “Passion for the best solution”, the medium-size future-oriented company . Developed for the highest requirements of hygiene in the food industry. UNI Dicht is a sophisticated modular system for individual combinations.

Große Dichtbereiche, geringe Bauhöhe sowie . Pflitsch UNI Exe PVDF.