Rhino slider

Mount to single tripod. Interchangeable rails. The most versatile slider in the world. Hand-picked slider bundles chosen by industry professionals.

Built specifically for studio filmmakers, adventure filmmakers, time lapse photographers, interviewers, and everyone in between. Anthony Thurston, SLRLounge.

The simple, straightforward interface makes it easy to get right in and start shooting with it. Joshua Goldman, CNET. Load Capacity and Slider Weight. Carbon 24: up to lbs. Adjust or swap the slider belt.

Camera movement made simple. Capture stunning live motion and time. Oct I spent the last few months researching motorized sliders for timelapse photography.

Oct Tracking shots are a cinematic hallmark, but pulling them off generally requires — unsurprisingly — a track of some kind for smooth motion. Slider movement produces a cinematic feel in videos, and now that same feeling can be easily . The Motion-Control adapter from emotimo. Emotimo Motion control head but of . For the uninitiate sliders are what allow videographers and photographers to get those . Rhino has been making camera sliders . Combine both pieces of equipment promise to create . We have the solution for you! Shoots often require a variety of tools to tell your story.

The whole system looked really compact and lightweight since it was just two carbon fiber rails attached to an end . Only from Videoguys Australia your ultimate Video and Audio Source. The sliding motion of the carriage on to which you place your camera is as smooth as silk. I have a confession: I love House of Cards.

The time-lapse, gently rolling through various points of Washington . Zero customs for EU buyers.