Shadow rock slim installation

Can somebody link me to the installation video? Just wondering if anyone has installed this CPU cooler on an AMD system. I bought one the other day and have come to install it and it seems it needs.

First screw the spacer nuts (7) onto the threads of the LGA. Use the hexagonal wrench.

VERY HIGH COOLING EFFECIENCY. You can also opt to install an additional 120mm fan to enhance the cooling performanceeven further – extra fan clips are included in the package. Air Cooling – Linus Tech.

Looking at the reviews on it. It owns a little sapphire grip . Pure Rock Slim Review. Shadow Rock Cooler.

Inside the box we found a frugal bundle, consisting of a one-fits-all backplate, mounting hardware, a syringe with thermal compoun and a leaflet with very basic installation instructions.

Every PC needs a CPU Cooler without one your CPU will overheat and burn up in seconds. Picking the right CPU Cooler can be a very. I have the heatsink in but I do not know how to put the 120mm fan on. It comes with clips but where do I put them?

I need help FAST thanks! You can either choose to install the fan beforehand and use the included wrench to tighten the screws, or you can opt to leave it off and install the cooler the easy way. Many of the be quiet! Free delivery and return on eligible orders.

The most difficult part is mounting the heatsink to the boar as you have to use a hexagonal spanner (one is provided) to tighten the set of hexagonal nuts. This is helpful and quick,what more do people want? Reeven Steropes CPU Cooler Review.

The Comprehensive Cryorig CReview. Uitstekende koelprestaties voor de prijs, en één van de allerstilste modellen verkrijgbaar. Wel één van de mooiste koelers in . SHADOW ROCK SLIM Silent Wings CPU Cooler – 160W TDP with fast shipping and top-rated customer service.

Once you know, you Newegg!

Now as per the installation guide, you can just screw these by taking a slim Phillips style screwdriver (preferably with a magnetic tip) and lowering the screws in place before tightening. But the screw heads are larger than the holes themselves: So now you are forced to drop these in place before hand itself. We test and review the Be Quiet!

The cooler might not be the strongest performer on the block, but it is low profile and intended for small form factors. Please note that be quiet! This manual should be used for: Dark Rock.

First you will want to get your brackets ready. Installation was a breeze this time around.