Water challenge before and after

Hey beautiful people! For the last days I took on the day gallon water challenge ! So this video is a continuation of a video I made at the beginning of September, where I decided to. After this challenge , I realized gallon a day should be the norm, because I only feel normal if I drink that much!

Lorronishae Escalona.

Congratulations to all the winners above for submitting their before and after pictures and being honest about their transformations in simply adding a gallon water. I hate click-bait, but sometimes exaggerated ad copy can lead to good information, or at least interesting before and after photos. See the extraordinary of from Fat to Fit Girl participating in Maria Kang s 30-day no excuse water challenge ! The weekend water drinking plan that worked for me was to drink a glass of water before and after every meal. On Saturday mornings I drank a glass of water right after I woke up, then more glass after my morning routine of washing face, teeth , and dressing up for the day, and more glass of water. I saw this challenge online many times before deciding to give it a try.

Initially, I started this challenge alone with the intentions of only drinking water for one week.

I failed on the second day when I forgot my jug at home. After my initial failure, I decided to try again for the entire days and set up a . I exfoliate my face every day to try to get rid of dry patches before I apply moisturiser, but suddenly I seem to be breaking out in spots. Whatever happens, I am going to keep on drinking three litres of water a day – and would advise every woman to do the same ( after checking with her doctor, of course). Before we start, here are the rules of the day water challenge for weight loss. It might be that you drink a glass of water first thing in the morning when you wake up or drink an extra glass of water after you brush your teeth.

Well, study after study shows that adding more water to your diet helps you to lose weight. I really wanted to notice a bigger difference. I know many experts . A less religious bunch was recently wowed by the seeming miracle that water conducted on the face of year old British woman, Sarah Smith. This is a WAY better idea than periodically standing at the sink and downing glass after glass. Lucy before the experiment (left) and after (right) . I created a water consumption schedule: One Nalgene-full before lunch, one bottle after lunch, and one bottle to be drunk after I got home for dinner.

The Day Water Challenge asks you to commit to drinking a gallon of water daily. I am already a person who loves water so I figured it would be a breeze.

I also read an article about a woman who incorporated more water in her diet and she appeared to have physical changes after consuming the extra . Take semi-embarrassing “ after ” selfie once the days is complete. Try to take it in the same light and at the same time of day (Unfortunately, I took my picture in a different spot, so the lighting is different). Once I completed the water challenge , I put the before and after pictures side by side to see if I could .