Wide body shackle

Forged alloy steel from through 3metric tons. Sizes 3metric tons and smaller are proof tested to times the Working Load. Sizes 4metric tons and larger are tested to 1. All ratings are in metric tons, embossed on side of bow. Shackles Ton and larger are RFID EQUIPPED.

Wide Body ” design greatly improves sling life.

Increase in shackle bow radius provides a minimum gain in sling bearing surface and eliminates need for a thimble. Recently we have reached a new mile stone of which we are proud to share with you. Specifically for this order further development of . Van Beest offers a wide range of bow and dee shackles for a wide variety of applications.

Additionally we offer a wide range of general commercial shackles , which are not suitable for lifting but merely for. Make sure that the shackle is supporting the load correctly, i. Size and the Working Load Limit permanently shown on each shackle. All shackles with Batch Code which links to Test Certificate and quality traceability.

Sizes 3tons and smaller are proof tested to times the Working Load Limit. Size and working load limit permanently shown on each shackle. Bow shackles with safety bolt.

Material: High Tensile Steel. Documentation: Test certificate and traceable 3. Quenched and tempered. Larger dimensions can be deliverd on request. Design: Wide body shackle.

Can be used to connect wire rope slings, hig. Featuring a wide body design and robust Working Load Limits (WLL) , these shackles bring all the right attributes for the job. Contact our office for a free Quote. Description: Enquire about this . Size and Working Load Limit permanently shown on each shackle.

Log-in or register for your pricing. K SHACKLES HIGH STRENGTH Synthetic Round Slings or Wire Rope Slings. Located in the Port of Rotterdam.

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