Atocha design

House your record collection in handmade American furniture that looks as good as LPs sound. Record cabinets, storage, DJ Tables for vinyl listeners. Global shipping available.

In the imaginary future of my min I will live in an old brownstone with extremely high ceilings, wide plank floors, cool chandeliers, a spiral staircase, a grand fireplace, a secret library, sky . Atocha Design Record Cabinet.

MILK CRATES ARE FOR MILK. THE ATOCHA DESIGN RECORD CABINET IS FOR STORING RECORDS. ATOCHA DESIGN specializes in artisan-crafte furniture for storing records (LPs ), CDs and audio components.

We are a custom studio and can produce your furniture piece from a range of wood and hardware options. We love the Daptone label and the gentleman from Daptone highly recommended this album. The company offers a wide range of designs and it . Up to 3LPs can be organized in a way that is both convenient and compelling. A groove in the top .

The similarities end there, though. This just came across our desk minutes ago: a beautiful, high end solution for those special few of you who not only still have vinyl records, you covet and prefer them. Made to order, each piece is hand crafted from a maple top mated to a set of solid American walnut legs, providing the perfect touch to any minimalistic living space.

Each cabinet is made to order and can be customized to your needs, depending on the amount of vinyl versus CD drawers you prefer. I sat down and tried to interview her . Vinyl enthusiasts, BEHOLD. Each one carries a timeless elegance – it seems like the only proper way to display and store your hard-earned vinyl collection.

The thing is with being a amateur DJ, is that all that equipment never really looks nice on that desk. So, creating a nice one was only a matter of time? When it comes to DJ furniture, you seem to be limited to just three levels of design – Ikea, foldout table, or ratchet. At the top of the center column, a. It arrives with a recessed area to house a turntable, a side cutout for an amp, a niche for over 1albums and a solid brass inset to . Flip through albums face first, just like the bins at the record store. The Record STACKS is a versatile vinyl record storage piece that can double as a media console, coffee table or bench.

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Fancy $$$: And if you really want the crème de la crème of mid-century-inspired vinyl storage furniture, head on over to ATOCHA DESIGN. Their handmade American furniture for music lovers, absolutely reign supreme. It is a clean and modern display made . Unlike most LP storage systems, which store records sideways allowing you to only see . Minimalist design , maximum style. Get this before you DJ your next house party.

The DJ stand is hand-crafted from solid American black walnut and formaldehyde -free, solid birch–hardwood core plywood. The top layer is finished off in maple- hardwood. Your components, accessories, LPs or singles can be . IKEA Kallax (FKA Expedit) may be omnipotent but it is not your only god.

Here are twelve alternatives that prove record storage is a polytheistic pursuit.