Chamaedorea palm

The parlor palm has been used as an indoor plant in the United States for at least years. This attractive little plant was first discovered in Central America and brought back to the United States, where it . Включает более ста видов низкорослых древесных растений, широко распространённых в Южной и Центральной Америке. Местные жители используют в пищу (в основном как овощ в салатах) . They are small palms , growing to 0.

This article is an introduction to many of the more commonly grown species in cultivation along with a few comments on cultivation and . Potted plant, Parlor palm. IKEA FAMILY member price. Price per : undefined – undefined While supplies last in participating US stores. Others require more care but are still rewarding houseplants over a long period. Vandaar de naam Mexicaanse dwergpalm.

Palm trees have an amazing amount of variations and differences in morphology, creating one the most diverse range of species. Basic characteristics of palm trees include .

A low growing palm (up to feet high) that is very tough it will tolerate a lot of abuse but with a small amount of care will thrive. This is one of the most sought after indoor palms around today. Best growth occurs in moist shady locations. Site in locations protected from strong winds.

In cooler climates, this palm is an extremely popular container plant for homes, . Chamaedorea palmpjes komen uit de familie Arecaceae of Palmea. See advice and information. Additional Common Names: Miniature Fish Tail Dwarf Palm , Parlor Palm , Good Luck Palm. Toxicity: Non-Toxic to Dogs, Non-Toxic to Cats . It was a common feature of the Victorian décor perio famous for its delicate foliage and hardiness in the home interior.

Send PARLOR PALM PLANT with a local florist through Flower Shop Network! It is a small, densely clumping and spreading palm that is widely grown as a landscaping palm , as an indoor plant and for . Parlour palms are very popular house plants because they are so easy to care for. It has elegant green leaflets on arching fronds. Best used as a terrarium plant this palm has been used in aquariums. Get best price and read about company and get contact details and address.

A great air-purifying plant for indoor spaces and offices.

A low maintenance and easy to care for plant makes the Neanthe bella Palm is a very common houseplant. It can tolerate low . Our luscious mixed Tropical Foliage, grown in the mountains of Costa Rica, includes an assortment of favorite tropical varieties such as Cordyline Ti leaves in varied colors, Palm fronds in different shapes and sizes, exotic Philodendron and Calathea leaves, Phormium, Pandanus and many others.