Cp3 pallet specifications

Part, Units, Length, Larg. Die (4), 13 8 80. Our Euro pallets are available in first or second grade. We can supply medium weight or lightweight non- stamped Euro pallets dependent on what you need. Big bag or for container transports).

Strict specifications in regard to quality, safety, the environment.

Production and reconditioning by registered pallet suppliers. European-wide return system. Analog to the standard european pallet in chemical industry. Its size is identical to the one of the euro pallet. The chemical industry has standardised the pallets it uses into nine different types.

In the chemical pallet (CP) system, standardised CPs are included in the sales price of goods. Recipients of goods can either reuse the pallet. Loads, please ask for . CP CHEMICAL INDUSTRY PALLETS.

Wooden Pallet CP(chemical standard ). Valuation can reach after kiln-dry. Use of pallets in the various types of industries most frequently used to transport cartons, boxes, fiber barrels or canisters. Compliance with the ISPM stan- dard is an essential condition for the unrestricted use of load carri- ers in the international movement of goods. Local plant protec- tion agencies . See here our CPpallet which we produce. Due to their strength and gap size between top boards, they make ideal pallets for bricks, blocks and oil drums.

They belong to pallet exchange system, can be repaired as well. CP pallets are intended for chemical industry. CP standards describe wood quality, measurements, marking and repairing.

There are markings on. Today chemical pallets are used in a wide variety of industries. Weight of pallet : 2kg.

Le nostre linee automatizzate ci permettono di creare prodotti economici e adatti a ogni esigenza. I nostri pallet sono forniti in tutta Italia. Viene usato per sacchi, bidoni o fusti molto . The dimensions of the EURO pallet derive from the.

These pallets can serve as a good substitute for Euro Pallets and can be used in a wide variety of industries.

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