How to apply thermal paste

Very quick and informative! Video for people, who appreciate their time. This video will tell you how to apply a. Because, generally speaking, that one little cpu chip is simultaneously the smallest, most delicate, and most expensive part of your system. How to Apply Thermal Paste.

Heat management is important to consider when constructing or maintaining your computer.

This is also known as TIThermal Interface Material. Thermal paste is essential for the heat dissipation from the die of the CPU and your heatsink. In this guide, we will be . Application of thermal paste is essential to keep the processor cool and happy. Follow this general guide to reapply thermal paste after removing a heat sink or CPU during a repair. Hello hope somebody with experience could help me with it.

The best technique to apply thermal paste is something that is often debate and as a whole the internet has not decided on a standard technique. There are many varying techniques that are recommende so in this article we will best test a variety of techniques to see which performs the best. A few weeks ago I experienced a problem with Flash Player causing my laptop to shut down due to overheating as CPU usage spike at the utmost.

I noticed the trend about Flash when I turned back on the system and opened a facebook game, especially for Firefox users. This should be evenly spread over the entire processor surface area, and you can use a credit card as a tool to help accomplish this task. Keep in mind that the purpose of thermal compound is to compensate for imperfections between the CPU and cooling block, not to add a barrier between them.

A proper application. Steps to apply and remove the thermal interface material (TIM) and information about when to reapply. PS: The heatsink I use is a Silverstone Argon AR01. Route to Thermal Compound Instructions: By choosing the CPU brand below you will be directed to the application methods page by CPU brand and family.

Choose the CPU brand you have: Intel, AMD. All trademarks used in this site are the property of their owners. HOW TO: Apply Thermal Paste to a CPU. Description: This technical article shows how to apply enough thermal paste to the CPU.

First install the CPU to the motherboard. Squeeze out just a dot of thermal paste in the center of CPU. It should be about the size of a small pea or BB. Note: Do not put more than this on the CPU . With an ideal consistency, the MX-is very easy to use, even for beginners. The possibilities for its application and the most effectively way to avoid voids between CPU and cooler we show you in the video.

If you are facing the overheating problem in your CPU, then you need a cooling compound for it.

Check these best ways to apply thermal paste to CPU. There are numerous ways to apply thermal paste , or thermal grease. Applying thermal paste correctly can lower your cpu temperature by several degrees. Before we start discussing the different methods it might be a good idea to understand why we are using thermal paste in the first place.

But I would advise against the Arctic Silver. But the method is perfectly good. Watch the whole length, not just the first minute!