Piusi adblue pomp

High flow rate self-priming electric pump with open impeller for diesel fuel transfer. Completely DEVELOPE MANUFACTURED and CERTIFIED in ITALY. It has proven efficient, reliable and easy to service.

It more durable thanks to its stainless steel outer casing and has silky smooth operation thanks to its . Fuel transfer pumps designed to transfer a variety of fuels, such as diesel, gas oil, petrol, heating oil ( kerosene) and AdBlue.

Created to ensure optimum durability. Piusi Delphin AdBlue Pump Car Dispenser. Suzzara blue delphin. The new system, properly designed.

PIUSI HAND PUMP piusi hand . The manufacturing tolerances along with the . This allows for a more reliable adblue transfer pump.

Two options, both include dip pipe, but 05A has a swan-neck spout, and 08A has a hose kit. Все металлические компоненты насоса изготовлены из нержавеющей стали. Полностью разработан, произведен и сертифицирован в Италии.

Электропитание: Вольт. Насос самовсасывающий: да. Перепускной клапан в насосе: да, встроен By-Pass клапан, который обводит топливо при включенном насосе и закрытом раздаточном кране.

Van Wifferen BV Heino. Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more. This Air Operated Diaphragm Pump uses air in order to transfer the fluid and therefore has no mains connector.

The Stainless Steel Rotary IBC AdBlue Pump is designed for dispensing AdBlue from an IBC. Weatherproof to IPfor outdoor use. Matériels, accessoires et pièces de rechanges.

Tous les noms de produit et de marques déposées sont la propriété de leurs propriétaires respectifs. Les photographies et illustrations sont pour informations et ne sont . With our large selection, we cater to all your fluid pumping requirements. Для функционирования модели не .

AdBlue hand pump is designed for the easy delivery of AdBlue from drum and barrels when there is no power available. Simple lever piston pump for fast fluid transfer. It is the new Benchmark due to its: – Suction capacity: self- priming with easy and immediate dispensing – Capacity: litres per 1revolutions – Plus, the . Adblue Transfer Pump – PUISI.

To minimize solid waste to our society , we are running Bottle Recycling program, detailed please check with our retail outlets. It can be centre-suction or bottom suction to suit . Diesel transfer electric pump. Displacement, self-priming rotary electric vane pumps.