Pot still build

So you interested in what it takes to build a pot still ! Making a pot still using a keg as a base for making flavoured spirits, this is my second instructable on making a keg still the first one was a reflux still and you. This is the cost at the time of filming, and does. So after finally coming to grips with how they work i set about building one, taking a few step by step pictures along the way thinking it may be of help to some other noobs like myself.

The only thing is, because i am quite new to this highly addictive hobby, i may not have built the best pot still going around so . Looking for feedback.

Is pot still build necessary? Другие результаты с сайта homedistiller. Сохраненная копия Перевести эту страницу сент.

Сообщений: – ‎Авторов: Re: Pot still build. Advice on posting pictures needed. Is a simple silver solder strong enough to withstand still . An interesting note is that some copper in the vapour path is benefical.

See the Materials page for more details why.

Some people who have built all-stainless steel stills have found there to still. Moonshine and whiskey stills have been used in the U. The pot still is a mainstay in Kentucky, where many of the best moonshine and home-made whiskey recipes originated. The still itself is relatively simple to use and construct, and Hillbilly Stills gives you all the . First pot still build.

Hey guys, I have finished my first pot still build. Its super basic so i could practice my new found skill of soldering and get a feel for it. Spirits distilled from your own copper pot still can be made to suit your own taste and in just the quantity you want. Alcohol is a controlled substance, and distilling whiskey and rum are not legal everywhere, so be sure to check your local laws before building your own copper pot still and starting your first batch. A newbie here with first post, and probably a rather primitive question about a fundamental component issue.

I sure could use some suggestions or advice on how to size my planned Leibig condenser. Your thoughts would certainly be appreciated. Read about the Scottish pot stills. Learn about the Wash-, Intermediate-, and the Spirit still. I was thinking of building a potstill this summer.

Use the still correctly. Fill the condenser with ice, water, and rock salt.

Make sure you use this still on an electric stove, as open flames can cause problems. Do not heat the pot once everything has boiled away, and generally be careful as pressure can build up if you have done something incorrectly.