Rexnord chain

Our chains are the most efficient and reliable to elevate all types of material including clinker, finished cement, fertilizer, and coal. RC for Heavy Drives and Lifting Applications. RC with Straight Link Plates. G – General Products and Information.

Sprocket Reference Data.

Solid Top chains have a smooth top and are versatile enough to convey everything from individual units as well as packaged and cased goods. No matter what industry you are in, you can depend on our Conveying Solutions portfolio for your demanding conveying application needs. Our Bulk Handling Components, . Our products range from standard use to chains for customer- specific applications.

Our many years of experience provide unique expertise in material selection, heat treatment and design engineering – key factors that add up to superior chain strength and extended wear life . The product offering ranges from roller chains , couplings and geared products to conveyor chains , belts and components. The head office is based in the United States, with several divisions all over the world.

The company was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by inventor Christopher W. LeValley, who also went by C. Levalley, and two foundry operators, that . As the manufacturer of one of the most exten- sive chain ranges for drives and conveying we are an established partner of leading compa- nies. Our 0chain variants provide an impressively large number of solutions and flexibility. The secret lies in the production methods and the material.

Engineering Formulas. Typical Product Sizes and Weights. Required Ultimate Strength min. Chain Calculation Program. Environmental Conditions. Material Characteristic Table. Corrosion Resistance Guide.

Roller chains belong to products complying with the. Rexnord bearings and other products.

DIN Standar but contrary to widespread opinion, the quality of a chain is not governed by breaking loa but by the . Reliability and Increased Uptime. The quality of a chain is not determined by the tensile strength factor, but by the amount of fatigue and wear resistance. As a result, despite standardization, roller chains with the same tensile strength from different producers will not always be the same in quality.