Sieve dovecot

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Global filters for spamassassin-based spam filtering to junk-box. Roundcube plugin for user-level Gmail-style filtering. А дальше, начинаются грабли.

What is all this about? Sieve mail filtering with dovecot. The project behind this is known as Pigeonhole. Depending on your usage, add sieve to mail_plugins in.

This page explains installation and configuration of dovecot as shipped with Ubuntu 12. For the installation of dovecot 1. LTS, please check this page. Spam still comes to Inbo.

The starting point is a freshly installed server with Debian on which you have got either access to the administrative user or sudo rights. To execute your filters on your existent mailbox you can manually run sieve -filter from the command line. To (dry) run the sieve -script example. Once you like the actions sieve. We describe here in steps how to install sieve for dovecot on a CentOS linux distribution.

This howto assume that dovecot is already running as well a mta server like postfix, exim or sendmail. Amavis correctly identify . I want to thank Jeffery Tay for his help. It is, however, also the name for one of a . Loaded plugins: downloadonly, priorities. Available Packages Name : dovecot -pigeonhole.

Filtering based on header flags or regex 2. Vacation auto reply 3. Please see the page for additional info and configuration help. Achtung: Der vorgestellte Filter ist nach wie vor höchst experimentell ! Wie bereits beschrieben beschäftige ich mich hier mit der Variante welchen folgende . Die neue SIEVE Version 0. Neuigkeiten, die ich zum Anlass nahm etwas zu experimentieren. Im Mittelpunkt stand das Weiterleiten von E-Mails ohne SPF, DMARC und DKIM Ablehnungen beim Empfaenger auszulösen.

Нужно прикрутить сабж. This documentation worked well, and does not interfere or otherwise modify anything Virtualmin related except a few configuration files and adding the dovecot – sieve and dovecot -managesieved components to the server.