Spa cover protector

The Spa Cover Cap is a protective cover used to protect thermal spa covers from harsh UV rays, snow, rain and debris. When your spa isn’t used everyday, ozone gas quickly saturates the water and through condensation, the gases rise and are trapped by your spa cover. The Cover Cap is made from tough, woven polyethylene in a . Ozone gas in high concentrations is corrosive and can begin to deteriorate the underside of your spa cover. By using this floating spa cover protector under your spa cover, .

This Video shows the new Spa Cover Cap Sunshield. We manufacture these in the USA at our factory we offer. In the Swim sells this floating spa cover protector.

This add-on cover for a spa cover virtually seals out rain, snow, dirt, and debris and keeps your spa cover in immaculate condition. It also helps seal up small leaks along the hinge of the spa cover, and around the edge. During the evening the solar blanket helps retain the heat its captured during the day to keep your spa warm through the night, lessening heat loss to the cooler air.

You will also appreciate lower spa chemical use from water evaporation while the spa solar cover is in use.

Since you lose less chemicals and water to . The Hot Tub Cover Cap protects your hot tub cover from harsh conditions ice, snow, wind or debris, elements can damage your hot tub cover and hot tub. It is designed to work in all climates. In warmer climates, the spa cover cap is a great addition for protecting . Place this floating blanket on top of your spa water to protect your hot tub cover from harsh ozone gases. This cover protector prevents concentrated ozone from deteriorating the hard hot tub cover.

Unless your hot tub is 1 in the shade, do not buy this product. Within weeks of installing this over my hot tub cover , it was totally melted by the sun. Thankfully nothing actually ruined the hot tub cover.

We know it sounds crazy to cover up a hot tub cover. We are not advocating you use it year-round. However, with traditional spa covers representing a $300-$5investment, why not use a spa cover cap to protect it from periods of long sun exposure in the summer and bouts of ice, snow and freezing rain in the winter. Shop Wayfair for the best hot tub cover cap. Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff, even big stuff.

Keep your spa and hot tub waterproof!

The ClimaLex custom Spa cover protector cover is designed for all types of climates and will protect your spa and spa cover from heavy rain, dirt, and scratches. The spa Cover Cap is extremely strong, waterproof and designed to work in all climates. Just order the size that is . Protect your expensive insulating cover from tree sap, ice, snow, harsh rain and intense sun.

The spa garage protects your hot tub cover and spa keeping the cabinet and cover looking new for years. Made out of a breathable oz.