Tamper mat

The Cafelat corner tamping mat is our unique and innovative solution for those baristas who like to tamp with the porta filter on the edge of the table. This whimsical small corner tamping mat is shaped like a spilled espresso shot. Cafelat currently has different tamping mats to offer – the flat, our own unique corner mat and splat mat. Sure you can buy a flat square of rubber in any hardware shop that would achieve a lot of the aims of . Keep your counter tops and portafilters in tip-top shape with the heavy-duty Tamping Mat from Rattleware.

Crafted in durable rubber, this tamping mat is the perfect surface for tamping espresso prior to brewing.

Find espresso mats of all sizes as well as tamp stands and tamp rests at Espresso Parts. We carry several premium tamping accessories! This is a 5mm thick (8mm at the corner) silicon tamping mat. The compact size is great for even the smallest barista workstations and the part that overhangs is small enough not to obscure doors or drawers that may be underneath.

ROASTERY CLOSURE TIMES Each of the Five Senses offices and roasteries are now officially closed until the New Year. All orders placed throughout the Christmas closure period will be roasted and dispatched when we return on Tuesday January. From everyone at Five Senses, we hope you have a fantastic caffeine . Better your brew with the Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat.

We think you will love it, sincerely Prima Coffee. This is the smallest of their tamping mats , featuring a small overhang if you want to tamp on the corner edge. The mat is made of FDA silicone, making it easy to wipe off any coffee spills on it. Beautiful espresso at home.

Bella Barista – UK Based retailer of commercial style coffee machines for the home. We pride ourselves in giving the very best and most knowledgeable advice as well as after sales support and back up for all of the products we supply. Items – Buy Tamping Coffee Mats , Bases and Coffee Machine Accessories online.

Barista Supplies stocks more than just coffee machine parts and accessories. The Rhino Coffee Gear Corner Tamper Mat is made from thick and durable food grade silicon rubber. Fits neatly on the corner of the bench.

Aug The more I look into our next machine purchase, the more accessories I discover! Tamper mats main function is to save the kitchen bench, is that right? Buy Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat ( Pack 1) at Amazon UK.

Protect your work surfaces from damage with this useful commercial rubber tamping mat. The Rhinowares Corner Tamping Mat offers complete protection for your counter top and work area. Free Delivery on orders over £50.

If you like to tamp your group handle on the side of the counter this thick rubber mat will provide plenty of protection.

Raised rim around the edg. Preferred by most professionals in the industry. Excellent on the edge of the counter with Bottomless portafilters for slip proof, scuff free tamping. The cafelat corner tamping mat not only looks great next to your espresso machine, it serves a functional purpose of protecting the work surface from damage caused by the group handle.

A variety of different mats for tamping. Non-slip rubber corner tamp mat protects your counter and provides the perfect surface for even and consistent tamping. You may also like… Knock Box. Designed to protect both the bench and portafilter, with this g.