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Air coolers are an efficient substitute for air conditioners. But where can you experience it? Its powerful motor delivers strong airflow while a 14 . Sometimes to cool a room, you only need to open a window and let fresh air in. The honeycomb cooling media .

Indoor Use – Spot Cooling. A true swamp cooler takes outside air, cools it and blows it. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This type of cooling conditions the air while you achieve significant savings on running costs when compared to a traditional air conditioner.

This weather resistant evaporative air cooler is made to resist outdoor conditions. Boasting an amazing range, this all-weather ultra- powerful air conditioner is perfect for any large residential, commercial or industrial outdoor space which requires rapid cooling. Enjoy cool indoor air —even in dry climates!

This smart machine harnesses the natural cooling power of evaporation to keep you comfortable.

Great for any climate ( but absolutely ideal in dry, arid zones), this type of cooling also humidifies the air if it . Premium air conditioning is their speciality and this air cooler works efficiently and effectively to cool down the air in your room without compromising on sleek and stylish design. Perfect for any space which is. HONEYWELL – CL40PM – EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER available to buy online at Bing Lee – we stock the best brands at the best prices. The low power consumption (only 2watts of power on low) translates into . Once you know, you Newegg!

The Evaporative Air Cooler is not an air conditioner as it does not use a compressor or refrigerant gas. It should not be expected to cool to the same degree as a refrigerated air conditioner. It works best in hot and dry conditions.

Evaporative coolers perform best when the air is hot with low humidity, such as desert areas like . Regular Price: RM 929. Special Price RM 749. Shop now for best Air Coolers online at LAZADA.

Add to wishlist Compare . Powerful Air flow: 800Êm? Power consumption: 230W. HoneywellAir Coolers in Malaysia.

Discount prices and promotional sale on all Air Coolers. Much like a breeze flowing across a lake or the refreshing cool air you feel near a waterfall, air coolers produce a comfortable , cool breeze with the natural process of water evaporation. When warm air is drawn .