Constands paddockstand review

Motorcycle Paddock Stand. Qualitative and high-value. Whether it be tuning, repair or maintenance, our motorbike lifts were developed for the most diverse machines and purposes to make all workings much safer and especially easier. Available in various colors and designs. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Shop with confidence on eBay! Be the first to write a review. Just wondering if this is the same product or someone has copied the version of Bursig.

Read our client reviews and find out why everyone is talking about our revolutionary motorcycle jacks and paddock stands. Have a look New Paddock Stand on Ebay. Each unit cost is about 310.

I think you being in Canada, they have to put made in USA sticker to by pass any import custom fees.

The Pit Bull spool rear stand only retails for 169. That is genuinely made in USA. I tried using it and the bike fell over! My model paddock stand has a single lever arm . Easy and safe lifting of front wheel for most repair.

The construction is excellent (two sets of wheels too) and very . The question I have for other CONSTAND owners is that does your pin rotate freely and if so were you provided with a washer for both bearing sides of the pin as well as the small side (which I have). Bobbin adaptors allow to lift the bike by bobbins instead of swing arms. Rear Paddock Stand Kawasaki Vulcan S ConStands ST Racing black. Was doubtful about product or service when acquiring.

Ducati stands for 7r. Arrived in items with no directions to put jointly, suspect got opened by customs and not repackaged appropriately. Even so, was quick to figure out, and incredibly quick to use.

Glad i acquired it, superior benefit and fantastic . JBinSD wrote: have any of you simply gone with the centerstand instead of paddock stand ? They seem to be Germany base but pretty good vaue at £65. They look OK, but I cannot find a review of them anywhere. I decided to get a paddock stand that could function as a dolly.

Decided to take a risk and try SV racing. Constand centre lift paddock thingy.