Duux babyprojector

Babys ultimate bed ritual! The additional nightlight can be controlled seperately. Choose from different colour projections, set up voice activation or play one of the built-in lullabies. Multi-color projections.

Есть встроенные колыбельные мелодии и таймер для выключения ночника. Delivery free on all UK orders over £50.

My little guy was moved to his own bedroom about months ago and still has a hard time going to bed. We have been using a white noise machine . Shop with confidence on eBay! The Dutch designed device features multi-color animated projections, a separate night light and 4 . A mushroom-shaped musical projector that projects stars onto walls and can switch on automatically if your baby cries – handy for night time waking. Create the ultimate bedtime ritual!

With the animated projector you can choose from different colour projections: re blue, green or all 3. The projector also features a separate nightlight using cold LEDs for child safety.

There are pre-programmed. With voice activation it turns automatically turns on the lights when the baby starts crying! Vandaag voor uur bestel de volgende dag al in huis!

Проекция звездного неба, звуковая активация и колыбельные мелодии. Если вы хотите, чтобы укладывание вашего ребёнка в кроватку стал еще приятней, пользуйтесь этой новинкой от производителя детских товаров высочайшего класса DUUX. This baby projector soothes your baby or toddler by filling the room with stars in a relaxing blue light and playing sweet lullabies.

Fill the room with stars, turn up a sweet lullaby and set the soft blue nightlight to simultan. Find products from Duux at low prices. Meisenbach Verlag Duux International. Ночники для детской комнаты цены, фото, отзывы. Separate nightlight function Operational sound activation – when child.

MŠ Vážka je zařazena do projektu Škola podporující zdraví. Pro naši MŠ byl schválen Státním zdravotním ústavem v Praze dne 28. Turn the room into a star full of stars with the Duux baby projector.

This modern projector changes that plain white ceiling into a starry sky.