Evans ec2

Featuring an Edge Control Ring, this drumhead maintains and controls edge vibration instead of entirely dismissing it. As a result, this drumhead has a better attack and a greater tuning range. The Edge Control Ring is . Loving the gospel scene, in particularly Calvin Rodgers.

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Two plies offer consistency and durability for longer playing time . Before I tell you how I found these heads I wanted to inform you the process that these heads have been reviewed under. I was sent a set of the new ECheads in clear 10”, 12” and 16” for my teaching kit which is a Maple Gretsch New Classic. I put the heads on the kit days ago and the drums.

Evans ECDrum Heads. EC2S Frosted heads are great for rock, funk, and all heavier styles of play because of the extremely c. By controlling edge vibration (instead of eliminating it), the ring isolates and damps higher overtones, enhancing low-end and . Nobody has more new and used music instruments and gear.

EVANS ECSST TT14EC2S features: individual . I had to use an E-ring on the batter to . Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Through Sound Shaping Technology, each drumhea according to its size, is. I found it very hard to tune to what i was after and eventually just gave up trying and settled with the sound i had. Прежде чем изложить вам свое мнение об этих пластиках, мне хочется рассказать, как проходил процесс моего ознакомления с ними.

Мне прислали набор новых прозрачных пластиков ECв размерах 10”, 12” и 16” для моей учебной установки – Gretsch New Classic из клена. Both heads performed well and brought their own qualities to the drums that they were fitted to. I use that head combo on most of my Ludalloys and they sound great every time.

Quantity: Description. Features: Sound: warm, dense, focuse and with a clear attack in all tuning and dynamic ranges without losing tone and resonance . Unlike conventionally damped heads, the ECwill not choke at higher tuning ranges, or lose its full-bodied presence when tuned low. Verkkokaupassamme voit maksaa ostoksesi useita eri maksutapoja käyttäen. Musiikki-Kullas Oy toimittaa kaikki varastossa olevat tuotteet 2-vuorokauden sisällä tilauksesta. Trummor behöver tillbehör!

Vi har ett unikt sortiment med tillbehör för ditt trumset. They each have qualities that may speak to some but not others and characteristics that are better for some situations but not others.

It is a preference really. I feel like the coated ones will be a bit warmer. Объявление о продаже Набор пластиков evans ECclear в Волгоградской области на Avito. As it is non-perfume it is ideal to use in all food and general industry environments.

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