Insaf emrane

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Op zoek naar een medewerker van Rodac?

Verkoop buitendienst. Monsieur Dumont,Grégory. Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf. The case has been filed against Khan by the ruling PML-N party.

The PML-N party alleges that Khan misrepresented his . Tap KAPTAAN and watch him delivering his favourite phrases as he does at PTI Dharna on his Azadi Container and mix up the DJ Butt songs. Along with that enjoy the famous slogans of PTI . The party stands for youth, reforming the system, Islamic moderation, clean politics and end to exploitation and corruption.

It did not win any seat, however. In the first phase, Sehat ka Insaf will be availed in Peshawar only and then extended to other parts of the province,” the PTI chief told the . PTI chief says K-P police doing its job in bringing perpetrators to justice. It was telling theTell us the truth. What is the real truth? Out of the total around 2. Imran -led Insaf Panel . The election is scheduled for September 17.

With the help of other singers Shahzamman and Jawad Kahlown. National by Staff Report. Speaking at a ceremony in Lahore, . Gulalai made the announcement moments before the election of a new prime minister earlier today, citing . By Asif Shahzad and Saad Sayeed. He said a charter of demands is being prepared by the PTI based on the findings given by the Judicial . In an exclusive interview with ARY News, the . In the courtesy call, they welcomed the recent developments in bilateral relations and expressed .

According to sources, both leaders will discuss important issues .