See full campaign page below! Всё, что нужно для настоящей свободной жизни, — средства производства. Это и ЧПУ-станок для фрезерования, и лазерный гравер, . Заявка на тест-драйв. На данный момент нет ни одного отзыва.

With interchangeable heads it can 3D print, mill, laser cut and engrave and do much more!

Glowforge, a 3D laser cutter . Makerarm – SCARA-робот широкого функционала. The MakerArm is a desktop 3D printer by MakerArm. Read our MakerArm MakerArm review for full specs, price and rating. Many consumer-grade 3D printers, like the popular MakerBot, melt plastic in a chamber before extruding it to create a final, layered object. Others work with resin instead of plastic, using an ultraviolet light to solidify resin layers into the . It will be available next fall.

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See stories of the future . Discover alternatives, similar and related products to makerarm that everyone is talking about. That way you can make more, . She and her husband envisioned building a device that could be used by creators, innovators and inventors for fabrication and automation of their . Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. After hours of carefully deliberating over hundreds of entries for our largest-ever Products Awards, we are excited to share the winning designs. The diverse categories included everything from hardware and furniture to facades, HVAC, and technology.

Our amazing team of judges evaluated entries for innovation, . If you ever dreamed of a complete digital fabrication system, this Kickstarter campaign will definitely catch your attention. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS COMPANY. EXPLORE RELATED INNOVATIONS. Delightful Consumer Experience.

We are proud to have over 7of the best . The possibilities are limited only by the maker imagination. It features interchangeable heads for countless applications such as plotting, 3D printing, Laser, CNC milling, Pick and Place assembly and more. Кто может отказаться от лакомого кусочка аппетитного торта? Яркие сочные оттенки разнообразно украшенного кондитерского творения радуют взгляд и .

It mounts on your desk to let you make nearly anything and will even assemble all the parts. The device is a Selective Compliance Assembly Robotic Arm (SCARA) that can be attached to any workbench an through a series of swappable toolheads, . Related post: This all-in-one 3D printer can make your wildest dreams a reality. Not familiar with the MakerArm ? Though the company is still raising funds on Kickstarter to release its digital fabrication system, the potential for the small yet powerful machine could directly impact the way makers create everything from PCBs to custom designs.