Tapox tank sealer

SEALANT AND RUST REMOVAL. PROTECTION AGAINST ETHANOL AND ITS CORROSIVE PROPERTIES WHICH IS A THREAT TO ALL CLASSIC CARS. Fuels in the UK now contain ethanol, which has a corrosive effect on many metals and rubber.

Classic car fuel systems are suffering with rubber pipes . De-rusting and Coating steel Fuel Tanks. Designed to withstand 1 ethanol fuel.

Most tank sealers used in steel motorcycle tanks are not ethanol proof, when they meet – ethanol which is now present in most pump fuels, and they start to collapse blocking filters and carburetors. Applied into an absolutely rust-free tank it will reliably prevent any future corrosion. Thousands of other top quality spares listed on our website at refreshingly low prices. Ducati Mz Moto Guzzi.

FERTAN TAPOX tank sealing. FERTAN TAPOX tank coating. Tapox Tank Sealant – Fuel Tank Seal. When made of steel, fuel tanks have the tendency to rust.

At the time when lead fuels were use the problem was greatly minimised.

A guide to de-rusting and coating metal fuel tanks. If you follow them correctly you will get a perfect result. Please read the whole of these instructions before starting work. Treats Litre Tank.

The large majority of tank sealer that have. TAPOX – Fuel Tank Sealer – Ethanol Proof Petrol tank protection, comes in pack with full instructions. Protects your fuel tank against future rusting and degrading, proven technology. Suitable for Steel Tanks. After hours at ca.

C and at humidity less this product creates a strong film, resistant against fuel and extremly strong against mechanical abrasion. Hello To All NOCers The Big Classic Bike Killer Bio-ethanol, It does not like our motorcycles, it eats your petrol tank sealant in the tank and is will cause corrosion in the tank and to the carburettor and . I just stumbled upon this. This is caused by the added MTBE (methyl-tertiary-methyl-ether) which is being . Wat kunnen we doen om een lekkende tank te repareren of een nog goede tank te beschermen tegen doorroesten? Als laatste stap kunnen we dan beginnen met het aanbrengen van de epoxy- coating ( TAPOX ). Passivate the wet tank with FERTAN Rust Converter and let it sit for hours. Mix the TAPOX tank sealer and fill it in the tank.

Wiggle tank around and let the residue flow out of the tank. Blow a constant air flow through the drainage opening into the .

Epoxy fuel tank sealer to prevent leaks in petrol tanks now available from Millers Oils Ireland.