Prins lpg foutcodes

Check the fuel system for error codes ( scan tool ). LPG fuel line Tank petrol injector. SYSTEM APPROVAL NUMBER ( R1). The second generation injection system VSI has the ability to inject sequentially . I purchased the diagnostic software and cable, and i am finally getting somewhere , in so far as the fault code tells me that my tank is empty the only .

Available for LPG and CNG configurations. LPG performance comparable to petrol. Secondly when operating on LPG it is necesarry to maintain a petrol injector control signal to measure the required fuel demand. ECM does not detect a fault code. Сохраненная копия Перевести эту страницу An error has occurred in the Direct LiquiMax system.

System switches automatically back to petrol. Diagnosis: The system temperature has reached its maximum level.

LPG operation is not possible. World leader in alternative fuel systems. This product recently . However, the most important parts of the. Let the engine run warm on petrol 80°C. The internal beeper sounds if gas . Refer to the parameter list ( or F: ID box) for the idle level value set.

When commissioning the LPG system. RENAULT LAGUNA III 2. Make a test drive and check the . No real power loss and no jerkyness. No fault codes that I am aware of, certainly none in the . PRINCE и другие программы напишите какие нужны Вам. Informs operator of LPG tank contents, audible buzzer to alert low level switching or fault codes plus illuminated fault code warning with LEDSelf programmable LED colours.

LPG conversion system.

Autocad Lisp Export Layers. Recent software additions have included fuelling corrections using can-bus data from the vehicle’s OBD port and even automatic cancellation of specific OBD fault codes caused by the slight differences in combustion properties between petrol and LPG. Vehicles which normally require an additional Flashlube system to . Prins Australia Quality LPG systems.

A characteristic feature of VSI is the high degree of integration of the LPG system in the petrol engine management.